Gateway City college courses and Requirements 2022

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Gateway City college courses and Requirements 2022

Gateway City college courses and Requirements 2022

Every year, the admission requirements for all undergraduate certificate and diploma programs at Gateway City College are updated. This article provides a comprehensive list of all undergraduate and certificate courses along with a description of their prerequisites as a result. The following requirements must be satisfied in order for a student to be admitted to any first-degree certificate program at Gateway City College.

List of Courses offered at Gateway City college

The following are the available courses offered at Gateway City college for the 2022/2023 academic year. Prospective Applicants can browse through the list for a decision before proceeding to apply for admissions


The business studies faculty offers flexible and high-quality courses that act as an ideal stepping stone for anyone wanting to work in any industry, anywhere in the world.

These qualifications will empower you to be equipped to succeed in the lucrative and fast-paced world of business and climb the corporate ladder with unlimited career opportunities.

  • National Diploma: Legal Secretary
  • National Diploma: Medical Secretary
  • National Diploma: Management Assistant
  • National Diploma: Public Relations
  • National Diploma: Marketing Management
  • National Diploma: Business Management
  • National Diploma: Financial Management
  • National Diploma: Public Management
  • National Diploma:Human Resource Management

ENGINEERING STUDIES: In this age of technology, we ensure our learners are well-acquainted with technological advancement to be responsive to the industry’s needs. Graduates of engineering qualifications are in high demand across the country as the industry always requires qualified specialists to keep economies growing.

Whether you’re enrolling in your N1 engineering course or preparing to specialize with N6 and gain access to university, our courses are designed to help you achieve your goals.

The engineering studies range includes:-

  • National Diploma: Electrical Engineering
  • National Diploma: Mechanical Engineering
  • National Diploma: Building & Civil Engineering
  • National Diploma: Chemical Engineering


The hospitality & tourism course range includes:-

  • National Diploma: Tourism
  • National Diploma: Hospitality and Catering


The education studies range includes:-

  • National Diploma : Educare

Contact Details 

For any enquiries regarding admissions, fees, accommodation, and other admission-related issues, see the following address:

  • Durban Campus:
    5th Floor, Kingsfield Place
    30 Joe Slovo (Field) Street,
    Durban Central
    Durban, KZN
    Tel: +27 (0)31 171 0181 / 031 171 0394
    Fax: 031 304 2062


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