Changes to the Nsfas Online Application for 2024

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Changes to the Nsfas Online Application for 2024

Changes to the Nsfas Online Application for 2024

During the NSFAS program lunch for the 2024/2025 academic year, management made some significant changes to the models to make them more accessible to all prospective students and applicants. This change resulted from previous experiences and what the scheme hopes to achieve in the future, and we are here to explain every step of the process.

Why changes in the Application Models

NSFAS changed some aspects of the application process for the 2024/2025 academic year. The myNSFAS portal is the only platform where all applications are accepted by the scheme. The scheme’s management has decided to add more channels in order to improve performance and activities.

These changes are intended to streamline the application process and reduce errors made by portal users. NSFAS believes that the changes will result in more efficient and effective application processing, as well as faster decisions for students. NSFAS encourages all students planning to apply for NSFAS bursaries to take advantage of the new process and submit their applications as soon as possible before the deadline.

Changes Made by NSFAS for 2024/2025 Applications

  1. You can now save and continue your application at your leisure.

Unlike in 2022, prospective applicants can now pause the process and resume it later if they encounter difficulties. This was necessitated by previous applicant errors, and management expects to eliminate these anomalies and improve the application process. As long as you submit your application within the application deadlines, you can always return to the portal to complete the final submission process.

  1. Responses and feedback from the NSFAS Support team in real time

Previous applicants have complained that the support team takes far too long to respond to queries and questions posed by beneficiaries and prospective applicants. In 2023, the Nsfas promised to provide applicants and students with timely feedback. The support team is always available to answer any questions posed by applicants.

  1. Instead of the Applicant’s email address, the Identification Number will now be used.

In order to modernize and streamline the NSFAS Application process, management has decided to validate applicants solely based on their Identification number. This change is effective immediately in the 2023 application, and all students must now use their ID number when applying and logging in. Your email address will still be associated with your myNSFAS account, but it will no longer be used as your username.

  1. Prospective applicants can now apply through additional channels through NSFAS.

The new NSFAS application media include a mobile app which could be downloaded from the Google Play store and Apple store, USSD, and WhatsApp, making it easier for students to apply for the bursary. The NSFAS online application portal (myNSFAS) continues to be the primary source of information and application forms.

  1. Choose 3 security questions

When creating your password for the first time, you will be prompted to select three security questions from a drop-down menu. These questions are intended to aid in the verification of your identity if you ever need to reset your NSFAS Login password. It is critical to select questions that you will remember the answer to but that others will not be able to guess. We recommend that you choose a question that only you can answer. If you forget your password, these security questions can help you verify your identity and gain access to your account.

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