Courses that will be Funded by NSFAS for 2024-2025

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Courses that will be funded by NSFAS for 2024-2025

Courses that will be funded by NSFAS for 2024-2025

It’s that time of year when students can be found all over the internet looking for funds for their postsecondary education. Many students have dropped out of school after failing to find the correct financial source, whether it was a student loan, grant, or scholarship. The problem is that many of these schools are willing to assist students who satisfy certain criteria.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme, abbreviated NSFAS, is one of these institutions. This entity┬áreceives funds from the Republic of South Africa and routinely awards funds to applicants who meet the scheme’s management requirements.

When may a student apply for a 2024 NSFAS bursary?

You can apply for NSFAS financing as soon as you print your acceptance letter from your selected college. Applications for Nsfas 2024 will be accessible on September 28, 2023, and must be submitted by January 31, 2024. If you do not submit the documents for panel assessment by the deadline, you will not be considered until you apply for finance for the next year.

Is the field of study important when seeking funding?

This question has a YES response. If you do not apply to a university or college for an NSFAS-funded programme, you will not be funded by NSFAS. NSFAS funding is available for officially sponsored university programs that include all undergraduate requirements. See the list of NSFAS-funded courses below.

Below are the courses and Programmes that will receive 2024 NSFAS funding

  1. Adult Learning
  2. Mechatronics
  3. Media Studies
  4. Building Construction
  5. Music
  6. Civil Engineering Construction
  7. Nature Conservation
  8. Cleaning, Domestic, Hiring, Property and Rescue Services
  9. Occupationally Directed ETD Practice
  10. Communication Studies
  11. Office Administration
  12. Consumer Services
  13. People/Human-Centered Development
  14. Cultural Studies
  15. Performing Arts
  16. Curative Health
  17. Personal Care
  18. Design Studies
  19. Physical Planning, Design and Management
  20. Drawing Office Practice
  21. Physical Sciences
  22. Early Childhood Development
  23. Preventive Health
  24. Earth and Space Sciences
  25. Primary Agriculture
  26. Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  27. Process Instrumentation
  28. Engineering and Related Design
  29. Process Plant Operations
  30. Environmental Relations
  31. Procurement
  32. Environmental Sciences
  33. Project Management
  34. Fabrication and Extraction
  35. Promotive Health and Developmental Services
  36. Film Television and Video
  37. Psychology
  38. Finance, Economics and Accounting
  39. Public Administration
  40. Forestry and Wood Technology
  41. Public Policy, Politics and Democratic Citizenship
  42. General Social Science
  43. Public Relations
  44. Generic
  45. Rehabilitative Health/Services
  46. Generic Management
  47. Religious and Ethical Foundations of Society
  48. Higher Education and Training
  49. Rural and Agrarian Studies
  50. Horticulture
  51. Safety in Society
  52. Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, Gaming and Leisure
  53. Schooling
  54. Human Resources
  55. Secondary Agriculture
  56. Industrial & Organizational Governance and HR Development
  57. The sovereignty of the State
  58. Information Studies
  59. Sport
  60. Information Technology and Computer Sciences
  61. Traditions, History and Legacies
  62. Justice in Society
  63. Transport, Operations and Logistics
  64. Language
  65. Life Sciences
  66. Urban and Regional Studies
  67. Literature
  68. Visual Arts

How many courses can a student choose when applying for Funding

Prospective applicants are expected to choose three programmes when applying for funding from NSFAS.

Why you must choose 3 courses of studies

Your information will be used to better understand applicant study decisions. Furthermore, this data may enable NSFAS to refer unsuccessful applicants to other funders.

For more information, visit the official website here

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