CUT Courses Offered And Requirements For 2025-2026

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CUT Courses Offered And Requirements For 2025-2026

CUT Courses Offered And Requirements For 2025-2026

CUT’s Course Catalogue Unveiled: Dive into 2025 Admission Options. Choosing a course during university applications can be overwhelming, especially at a large institution like the Central University of Technology (CUT). Fear not, future CUT students! This article unveils the exciting range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and short courses available for the 2025 intake. Thanks to, you can now explore your academic path directly, no more wondering “What does CUT offer?

Explore CUT’s Diverse Programs for 2025!

Choosing your academic path is a pivotal moment, and with applications approaching, excitement can turn into a whirlwind of questions. But worry not, future scholars! This guide unlocks the door to CUT’s extensive program offerings for 2025.

Dive into a world of possibilities:

  • Undergraduate studies: Embark on your academic journey with a variety of bachelor’s degrees across diverse fields, from engineering and science to business and humanities. Discover the program that ignites your passion and propels you towards your career goals.
  • Postgraduate studies: Refine your expertise and propel your career further with CUT’s specialized master’s and doctoral programs. Take your knowledge to the next level and become a leader in your chosen field.
  • Short courses: Enhance your skillset and stay ahead of the curve with focused, industry-relevant short courses. Gain practical knowledge and certifications that make you stand out in the job market.

This comprehensive guide is your key to unlocking:

  • Detailed program descriptions: Get a clear understanding of each program’s curriculum, focus areas, and unique strengths.
  • Admission requirements: Ensure you meet the necessary criteria and prepare your application with confidence.

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List of available undergraduate, postgraduate, and short programmes offered at the Central University of Technology in 2025

Undergraduate courses

Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology

  1. Engineering: Civil
  2. Engineering: Construction
  3. Engineering: Health and Safety Management (Construction)
  4. Engineering: Construction Management
  5. Engineering: Computer Systems
  6. Engineering Technology in Electrical Engineering
  7. Engineering Technology in Mechanical Engineering
  8. Engineering: Quantity Surveying
  9. Engineering: Renewable Energy Technologies
  10. Engineering: Hydrology and Water Resources Management
  11. Information Technology
  12. Mathematics for Engineering Technology
  13. Computer networking

Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences

  1. Agricultural Management
  2. Health Sciences in Clinical Technology
  3. Dental Assisting
  4. Environmental Health
  5. Medical Laboratory Sciences
  6. Radiography in Diagnostics
  7. Somatology

Faculty of Humanities

  1. Design and Studio Art
  2. Language Practice and Media Studies
  3. Teacher Education: Computer Science
  4. Teacher Education: Economic and Management Sciences
  5. Teacher Education: Languages
  6. Teacher Education: Mathematics
  7. Teacher Education: Natural Sciences
  8. Teacher Education: Technology

Faculty of Management Sciences

  1. Accounting
  2. Business Administration
  3. Community Development Work
  4. Hospitality Management
  5. Human Resources Management
  6. Internal Auditing
  7. Marketing
  8. Office Management and Technology
  9. Project Management
  10. Public Management
  11. Tourism Management

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Postgraduate Programmes

  1. Advanced Diploma: Agricultural Extension
  2. Advanced Diploma: Agricultural Management
  3. Advanced Diploma: Applied Management
  4. Advanced Diploma: Computer Networking
  5. Advanced Diploma: Health Management
  6. Advanced Diploma: Hospitality Management
  7. Advanced Diploma: Human Resources Management
  8. Advanced Diploma: Human Resources Management
  9. Advanced Diploma: Information Technology
  10. Advanced Diploma: Language Practice
  11. Advanced Diploma: Logistics and Transportation Management
  12. Advanced Diploma: Marketing
  13. Advanced Diploma: Media Studies
  14. Advanced Diploma: Public Management
  15. Advanced Diploma: Therapeutic Services
  16. Advanced Diploma: Tourism Management
  17. Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  18. Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Management
  19. Postgraduate Diploma in Construction: Construction Management
  20. Postgraduate Diploma in Construction: Health and Safety Management
  21. Postgraduate Diploma in Construction: Quantity Surveying
  22. Postgraduate Diploma in Construction: Urban Development
  23. Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurial Management
  24. Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management
  25. Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management
  26. Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology
  27. Postgraduate Diploma in Language Practice
  28. Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
  29. Postgraduate Diploma in Media Studies
  30. Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management
  31. Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management
  32. Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism Management


Faculty of Information Technology, Built Environment and Engineering

  1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) in partnership with CISCO Networking Academy
  2. ESports
  3. IT-Essentials
  4. Microsoft Certifications
  5. Microsoft Office
  6. CUT and NEMISA present free courses for basic to advanced IT skills

Faculty of Humanities

  • Design and Studio Art: Photography and graphic design

CUT Admission Requirements For 2025


  • Minimum requirements:
    • 40% in the home language
    • 2 subjects above 40%
    • 4 subjects above 30%
    • One failed subject allowed
  • Benefits: Qualifies you for higher certificate studies.


  • Minimum requirements:
    • 40% in four higher credit subjects
    • 30% in three lower credit subjects
    • One failed subject allowed
  • Benefits:
    • Enrol in a bridging course at a TVET college.
    • Enrol in a diploma course at a university of technology.
    • Transfer to CUT later (see N level qualifications).

Bachelor’s Degree:

  • Minimum requirements:
    • Pass 6 of 7 subjects
    • 4 subjects at least 50% (level 4)
    • 40% in home language (excluding Life Orientation)
    • 30% in Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT)
  • Benefits:
    • Apply for a degree course at any university or university of technology.
    • Pursue higher certificates, diplomas, or bachelor’s degrees.

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