Divoh Tech College Online Application For 2024/2025

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Divoh Tech College Online Application For 2024/2025

Divoh Tech College Online Application For 2024/2025

Divoh Technical College online application applications are accessible through the admissions office from now until December 31, 2024. You can also request the application form from the Divoh Technical College admission office by contacting them using the details provided above, and you will receive your Application Form immediately.

Application Dates for Divoh Technical College in 2024

Application to study at Divoh Technical College for the given qualification occurs prior to a registration cycle, and it is the student’s obligation to apply within the set deadlines. Divoh Technical College accepts online applications from September 1, 2023, to December 31, 2024. Divoh Technical College’s 2024 application website will be open on September 1, 2023, and will close on December 31, 2024.

Divoh Technical College Application Documents Required

Attach the required certified documentation as follows:

  • A copy of your latest school results
  • A copy of the I.D. document
  • A copy of study permit (foreign students only)
  • A copy of the Parent or Guardian I.D. document
  • A Proof of Residence
  • proof of payment of the registration fee
  • proof of payment of the deposit fee

List of Courses at Divoh Technical College

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Computer Studies(Computer Studies)
  • Certificate in Electrical Engineering(Electrical Engineering)
  • Certificate in Motor Electrical(Motor Electrical)
  • Instrumentation and Process Control
  • Certificate in Digital Engineering
  • National Certificate in Business Management
  • National Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • National Certificate in Financial Management
  • National Certificate in Management Assistant

Diploma Courses (7 courses)

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering(Mechanical Engineering)
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  • Diploma in Public Relations(Public Relations)
  • Diploma in Marketing Management(Marketing Management)
  • Diploma in Financial Management(Financial Management)
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Engineering )
  • Diploma in Management Assistant

Fee Structure for Divoh Technical College in 2024-2025

Fees vary by program; please contact the Divoh Technical College admissions office for further information on fees and account numbers.

How to Apply Online at Divoh Technical College

Follow the steps below to apply and register at Divoh Technical College

  • Enter //www.facebook.com/Vinnydivoh/ into your search engine
  • Enter your surname
  • Enter your first name next
  • Key in ID Number/Passport Number*
  • Enter street address
  • Enter city
  • Provide a valid email address and a phone number
  • Choose Course
  • Upload required documents
  • Click on the Apply tab

Divoh Tech College details

  • Divoh Tech College
  • Address: 21A De Jager Street 2350 Ermelo, South Africa
  • Location: Ermero, South Africa
  • Telephone Number: +27 17 811 4482
  • Email Address: divohtechcollege@gmail.com
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/Vinnydivoh/