False Bay College Courses & Requirements 2024-2025

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False Bay College Courses & Requirements 2024-2025

False Bay College Courses & Requirements 2024-2025

The five campuses of False Bay Tvet College are currently open to both new and returning students for the academic year 2024 and applications are still being accepted. Over 50 undergraduate and diploma programs are available at False Bay Tvet College to more than 3000 students each academic year.

False Bay TVET College offers vocational, occupational, and skills training courses that equip students with in-demand knowledge and abilities as well as hands-on experience in occupations with promising employment prospects. The appropriate organizations have accredited all College programs.

2024 False Bay Course Offerings

The college offers undergraduate diplomas, graduate certificates, and bachelor’s degree programs. Presently, False Bay is offering each of these courses during the 2024–2025 academic year. To enroll in one of these courses before September 30, 2024, apply as soon as feasible.

The College offers alternative modes of teaching and learning, including part-time classes and distance learning options to accommodate working adults who wish to pursue lifelong learning

Courses Offered at False Bay College in 2024–2025

The courses that are open and offered at False Bay College for the academic year 2024–2025 are shown below, along with the entry requirements for each undergraduate diploma, higher certificate, and bachelor’s degree program.

Business Studies

  • Finance
  • NC(V): Finance, Economics, and Accounting NQF Level 2-4
  • N4-N6: Financial Management
  • NC: Junior Bookkeeping
  • NQF Level 3
  • FETC: Senior Bookkeeping
  • NQF Level 4
  • FETC: Accounting Technician SA NQF Level 3

Education Studies

  • Early Childhood Development (ECD)
  • GETC: ECD NQF Level 1
  • FETC: ECD NQF Level 4
  • HC: ECD NQF Level 5
  • ND: ECD NQF Level 5
  • N5-N6: Educare

Engineering Studies

  • Electrical
  • NC(V): Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  • N1-N3: Electrical Engineering
  • N4-N6: Electrical Engineering
  • OC: Electrician


  • NC(V): Engineering & Related Design: Motor Mechanics
  • NC(V): Engineering & Related Design: Fitting and Turning
  • N1-N3: Motor Mechanics
  • N1-N3: Fitting & Turning
  • N1-N3: Welding
  • N1-N3: Fabrication
  • NC: Automotive Body Repair NQF Level 2
  • NC: Automotive Repair and Maintenance NQF Level 2-4
  • NC: Welding Application and Practice NQF Level 2
  • OC: Automotive Motor Mechanic
  • OC: Panel Beater
  • OC: Boilermaker
  • OC: Welder
  • OC: Vehicle Painter (Automobile & Marine)


  • N1-N2: Plumbing
  • N1-N2: Carpentry
  • NC: Furniture Making (Wood) NQF Level 2-3
  • NC: Building & Civil Construction NQF Level 3
  • OC: Bricklayer


  • NC(V): Office Administration
  • NQF Level 2-4
  • NC: Office Administrator
  • NQF Level 5
  • N4-N6: Management Assistant
  • Business
  • N4-N6: Business Management
  • N4-N6: Public Management
  • N4-N6: Human Resource Management
  • NC: Wholesale and Retail: Help Desk NQF Level 2

Centres of specialisation

  • OC: Mechanical Fitter
  • OC: Rigging

Information and Communication Technology

  • NC(V): Information Technology and Computer Science
  • NQF Level 2-4
  • HC: IT Service Management NQF Level 5
  • FETC: IT Technical Support NQF Level 4
  • NC: IT End User Computing NQF Level 3
  • NC: IT Systems Support NQF Level 5
  • Cisco CCNA
  • OC: Computer Technician NQF Level 5
  • NC(V): Programming and Robotics NQF Level 2-4


  • NC(V): Hospitality Level 2-4
  • N4-N6: Hospitality and Catering Services
  • OC: Chef

Maritime Studies

  • NC(V): Transport and Logistics NQF Level 2-4
  • NC: Yacht & Boatbuilding
  • Level 2-3
  • FETC: Yacht & Boatbuilding
  • NQF Level 4

National Certificate (Vocational) [NC(V)]:

  • Safety in Society NQF Level 2-4


  • NC(V): Tourism NQF Level 2-4
  • N4-N6: Tourism

False Bay College is still open for second semester of 2024/2025

False Bay Tvet College Minimum programme entry requirements?

To study at False Bay, you must possess the following minimum qualifications

  • NC(V) programmes: Grade 9 Certificate
  • Engineering N1-N3 programmes: Grade 11 Certificate with Mathematics 50% or Grade 12 Certificate with Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy 50%
  • National N Diploma N4-N6 Programmes: Grade 12 Certificate


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