Is Gert Sibande Tvet College Open For 2024 Application?

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Is Gert Sibande Tvet College Open For 2024 Application?

Is Gert Sibande Tvet College Open For 2024 Application?

Admissions at Gert Sibande Tvet College for the intake of 2024 are now accepting applications, and registration will take place from September 1 through September 30, 2024. In 2024, Gert Sibande Tvet College will exclusively accept applications submitted online. For the academic year 2024, there won’t be any call-in or walk-in submissions accepted. Prospective students must visit the official website right away and complete the online application if they want to apply and enroll at Gert Sibande Tvet College for the academic year 2024/2025.

Gert Sibande Tvet College Application Dates 2024-2025

South African college Gert Sibande Tvet College is now taking applications for the 2024 intake. The college welcomes both domestic and international students as well as potential applicants. A range of courses are offered at Gert Sibande Tvet College to help students get ready for higher education. Enroll in a college course or program to secure your future. Enrollment at Gert Sibande Tvet College is open from September 1 to September 30, 2024. Late applications are not accepted by the college.

Gert Sibande Tvet College’s application site closes on September 30th, so enroll now for 2024 through the College’s portal.

Gert Sibande College Application Closing Date For 2024-2025

The final day for Gert Sibande Tvet College online applications is expected to be September 30, 2024. You must submit your application as soon as possible for the academic year 2024 because late applications are not usually accepted. On September 30, 2024, Gert Sibande Tvet College will close its application portals at 11:59:59.

What is the Gert Sibande Tvet College application procedure?

Please be aware that Gert Sibande Tvet College will contact you via a valid and active email address. Make sure that all of your supporting documents have been scanned in before starting the application process. The system can time out if your supporting documents have not been scanned. Individually upload each file and save it in your name. Your application will be rejected by Gert Sibande Tvet College if your supporting documents are not certified.

Registration Fee For 2024 At Gert Sibande TVET College

Any sum that is paid by a student upon registration and is covered by the college’s tuition is referred to as the Gert Sibande TVET College registration fee. You will pay at least half of the tuition during the registration period. At Gert Sibande TVET College, registration for the 2024 academic year is currently open.

Gert Sibande TVET College 2024 Application Documents Required

Prospective applicants are requested to upload their documents on the application system. The documents are certified copies of:

  • ID Card
  • Latest results
  • Original Proof of residence
  • A cell phone number
  • Email Address
  • International Passport
  • Study Visa and permit

Gert Sibande TVET College Online Application 2024

Follow these steps to submit an online application to Gert Sibande TVET College for the 2024 academic year:

  • To view the 2024 application form, go to
  • The word STUDENT SUPPORT at the top of the page should be highlighted with your pointer.
  • The tab marked ONLINE APPLICATIONS is chosen and clicked.
  • Select “Online Applications for the Academic Year 2024” and press “click.”
  • Respond NO to the first two inquiries in order to move on.
  • You confirm that you accept the POPIA by ticking the box.
  • Please provide your name, address, and phone number.
  • Select at least two academic disciplines.
  • Complete the application.
  • Complete the forms, then send them in.
  • Upload every document needed.
  • You will receive an email verifying the submission of the application form.
  • Follow up on and keep track of the status of your applications using your student ID.

Gert Sibande Tvet College Status Check 2024/2025

Use your student ID number to check the status of your application when you submit it to Gert Sibande Tvet College for the 2024 academic year.

  • Go to to view the Gert Sibande Tvet College website.
  • Enter your PIN and student ID.
  • Choose Login.
  • You can determine whether or not your application was successful by checking the status of your application.

Gert Sibande Tvet College Contact Details

Head Office Address

  • Post Office Box 3475
  • 18a Beyers Naude Street, Standerton, 2430

Contact Number

  • Telephone Number: 017 712 9040
  • Fax: 017 712 9059
  • Email Address:

Click here to access the official website for additional details.

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