UFS Online Registration 2023/2024-First-year Students

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UFS Online Registration 2023/2024-First-year Students

UFS Online Registration 2023/2024-First-year Students

The final step in the application process is urging the selected candidates to officially register when the application procedure is over. All new students register electronically with the University of the Free state. To be a fully admitted student to the university, this is necessary.

If your application is accepted, there is no need for you to go on campus for registration or enquiries because the entire registration process is done online. Read this article for more information on the registration, closing dates, and Payment method sanctioned by the university.

First Semester Registration dates for 2023

The closing date for applications is 15 January 2023. Late applications will not be considered. Applications after this date will be rejected by the university. Students are hereby advised to register as early as possible after they received their acceptance letter.

When to Receive Feedback on your application in 2023

The UFS will prompt you at several points during the application process. Please get in touch with us right once if, after completing your paperwork, you haven’t heard from the UFS after 240 hours.

UFS Registration Fee Payable in 2023

The amount is determined after the application process is over and applicants have received their acceptance letter. The minimum amount is payable after the student has received confirmation of admission. The amount payable should be confirmed before registration can take place.

Please Note: Do not pay any registration fee until you are fully confirmed with an admission letter from the university. 

See Also: http //stud.ufs.ac.za application status

University of the Free State Online Registration Procedures

Registration is the process by which you formally register as a student at the UFS. The following is an outline of the steps to register for your qualification and modules:

step 1: YOU NEED an active KOVSIE student number to proceed further

Step 2: Proceed to step after paying your Registration fee for 2022. Remember that the first payment, as well as outstanding fees from 2022, must be paid at least 5 workdays before registration.

Step 3: Accept the rules of the university/faculties

Step 4: Need to change the qualification you have been admitted to? Continue

Step 5: Students should preferably obtain academic advice before registration

Step 6: If you have answered yes to all previous questions, you may proceed to register for your qualification and modules

Step 7: It is your responsibility to make sure that your registration details are correct. Print proof of registration after you completed the registration process in order to check the details.

Step 8: Change Modules after Registration

  • Do you need to change/correct your registration details
  • Change your Qualification if ANY

Step 10: Your application is now complete. You are now a student of the University of the Free State. Proceed to download the official proof of registration from the system.

University of the Free State Application contact details

  • round outline - phone 051- 4012823

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