UNISA NSFAS Allowances For 2024

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UNISA NSFAS Allowances For 2024

UNISA NSFAS Allowances For 2024, How Much is Unisa Living Allowance 2024, when will unisa students get their allowance

NSFAS has confirmed financing for nearly one million students, including UNISA students, for the 2024 academic year. This is the first time the scheme will be able to provide funds for tuition and allowances to such a large number of students at the same time. NSFAS has designed a solution to accommodate the ever-increasing number of beneficiaries and to ensure that allowances are received in a seamless and secure manner via the new NSFAS Bank Account.

As of June 2024, UNISA students financed by NSFAS will get their allowances through the NSFAS Bank Account, allowing them to receive funds directly from NSFAS.


Who qualifies for the NSFAS Bursary Allowance?

You qualify for an NSFAS bursary if you are a South African citizen who plans to study in 2024 or you are already studying at the University of South Africa (UNISA) and you meet the following requirements:

  • SASSA recipients automatically qualify for financial eligibility
  • Your combined household income is not more than R350 000 per year or
  • A person with a disability with a combined household income of not more than R600 000 per year or
  • Must have email and cell phone number

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How much is Unisa NSFAS allowance for 2024

NSFAS will pay all tuition and registration fees for a student at the University of South Africa, UNISA, for the academic year 2024-2025.

NSFAS-funded UNISA students receive monthly allowances towards either:

  • Food
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Other living expenses;

The breakdown of NSFAS allowances for each UNISA student for the academic year 2024, which will be released or paid in June 2024, is provided below.

  • UNISA NSFAS Accommodation Allowance According to the real prices levied by UNISA (expenditures for private housing must not exceed costs for university residence) (NSFAS Rent Allowance)
  • UNISA NSFAS Transportation allowances (up to 40 kilometres from the institution) of R7 500 per year
  • A living allowance of R15,000 per year for each UNISA Student
  • UNISA NSFAS students receive R5200 allowances per year for BOOKS.
  • R2900 per year in incidental/personal care stipend for students living in catered residences

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How to Apply For NSFAS Allowance as a UNISA Student For 2024

To apply for NSFAS allowance in 2024, UNISA students should follow these steps

  • Go to the official NSFAS website at www.nsfas.org.za online application portal 2024.
  • Click on the “Apply” button.
  • Register an account with your personal details.
  • Fill out the required application form.
  • Upload all necessary supporting documents.
  • Submit your completed application.
  • Wait for the application to be processed.
  • Check your application status regularly on the NSFAS portal.
  • If approved, sign the NSFAS agreement form.
  • Receive funding as per the agreed terms and conditions.


Students from TVET Colleges who transfer to the University of South Africa, UNISA, may be eligible to apply for National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) support. Apply for NSFAS now at www.nsfas.org.za apply 2024 from September 28, 2023, to January 31, 2024.



  • NSFAS Toll-Free Helpline:
    • Phone Number: 08000 NSFAS (08000 67327)
    • Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 08:30 am to 17:00 pm
  • NSFAS Email:
  • NSFAS Online Platforms:
  • NSFAS Social Media:
    • Twitter: @myNSFAS
    • Facebook: National Student Financial Aid Scheme – NSFAS

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