What Are The Requirements To Apply To UNIVEN?

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What Are The Requirements To Apply To UNIVEN?

What Are The Requirements To Apply To UNIVEN?

Applying to UNIVEN is the first step towards realizing your academic ambitions. By carefully understanding and fulfilling the requirements, you pave the way for an enriching and transformative learning experience at this renowned institution

Whether you’re a prospective undergraduate or postgraduate student, navigating through the prerequisites ensures a smoother and more informed application process. In this guide, we’ll delve into the essential requirements that aspiring students need to meet when applying to UNIVEN, shedding light on the key elements that pave the way for an enriching educational experience.

UNIVEN General Entry Requirements:

  • National Senior Certificate (NSC) with an achievement rating of 4 (50-59%) or better in four recognized 20-credit NSC subjects.
  • Minimum APS score of 26 for Bachelor’s degrees (can vary for specific programs).
  • Life Orientation and subjects with less than 40% are not included in APS calculations.

Please Note:

For international applicants, your academic qualifications need to be equivalent to the South African NSC or NCV. Additionally, providing proof of English language proficiency through official tests like TOEFL or IELTS might be required depending on your home country.

Documents Needed to apply for UNIVEN Admissions:

  • ID document or Passport
  • Proof of residency (if applicable).
  • Grade 11 final results with the school’s stamp (for undergraduate applicants)
  • Academic records and certificate of good conduct
  • Proof of Application fee (R100).
  • Email and Phone Number

Some Specific Programs and APS Score Requirements at Univen:

Below are a few courses with their APS score requirements at the University of Venda (UNIVEN)

  • Law: Minimum APS score of 38.0 with 60% in English Language.
  • Teaching: Minimum APS score varies depending on the specific teaching degree program. Generally, it’s around 30-34 with strong performance in relevant subjects like Mathematics or History.
  • Nursing: Minimum APS score of 30 with 60% in both Mathematics and Life Sciences.

APS Scores:

  • Law: Minimum of 38.0 (LLB) or 34.0 (BA. CRM) with 60% in English.
  • Teaching: Varies depending on the specific program, generally around 30-34.
  • Nursing: Minimum of 30 with 60% in Mathematics and Life Sciences.

Additional Tips:

  • Check program-specific requirements on the Univen website.
  • Apply early as competition is high.
  • Meet the minimum APS score but aim higher for better chances.
  • Consider your English language proficiency for Law.

Navigating the Application Process:

UNIVEN offers two main application methods: online and manual. Online applications are convenient and recommended, requiring a valid South African ID, cellphone number, email address, and credit card information for fee payment. For manual applications, download the forms from the university website and submit them personally to the New Student Administration Building.

Contact the Univen Admissions number at +27 15 962 8000 for more information. I hope this information helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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