www.cao.ac.za my application 2024/2025

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www.cao.ac.za my application 2024/2025

www.cao.ac.za my application 2024/2025, www.cao.ac.za my application 2024/2025

Richadmissions.com has provided the Central Applications Office with guidelines for the online application. When most applicants interact with the application portal for the first time, they become confused and don’t know what to do. Some people have only recently had access to a smart device. As a result, it is not their fault. This page contains all of the information you need about CAO APPLICATION 2024/2025, including instructions on how to apply through CAO 2024/2025 to your preferred university.

CAO Application Dates For 2024/2025:

The application process will start on March 01, 2023. But the institution has the right to change this day. Even though CAO accepts late applications, there are additional fees. The application cost is increased by 100% for late applications. To avoid these fines, applicants are urged to submit their applications as soon as possible.

Application Fee of the Central Applications Office (CAO).

The various applications fees are outlined below:

January 2024 Intake:

Early Submission: By the close of October 2023

  • South Africa Applicants pay R250.00
  • International Applicants pay R300

Submission after the Closing date: After October 2023

  • South Africa Applicants pay R470.00
  • International Applicants pay R580.00

How to Apply Online via the CAO office portal

  • Visit the official website @ cao.ac.za and select “Apply.”
  • After reading the details, press “Continue with Application.
  • Enter your ID number and click on ‘Submit
  • Click ‘Continue with Application‘ at the bottom of the page after you have scrolled there.
  • Start by entering ALL of the required information.
  • After you have completed all the required fields, click “Next.” “Continue with Online Application” should be clicked.
  • You’ll see your CAO number, password, and EasyPay number in a pop-up window. Read the guidelines.
  • Continue with Online Application” should be clicked.
  • After carefully reading the instructions and submitting ALL necessary information, click “Next.”
  • Click “Next” after filling out the “Next of Kin” information.
  • Once the school’s name displays in a box, you must enter the years that you first enrolled there and when you graduated from it before clicking “Search.”
  • Choose “Next.”
  • When your submission is successful, a notification will appear on your screen.
  • Now that you can pay online and upload your supporting documentation.
  • pay using EasyPay.

How to Apply Using the Mobile App

To begin, you must first download the smartphone app. The app is available for Android and Apple devices and may be downloaded via the Central Applications Office website or App Stores.

Download via the CAO website The app is available in the following stores

  • To obtain a copy, go to the CAO website. The app may be downloaded from the following stores:
  • Open your device’s browser and navigate to www.cao.ac.za, the Central Applications Office’s website.
  • Look for your device’s icon and click it to go to the shop where you can download it.
  • To get the app, go to App Stores.

Apply using the hard copy form

  • Handbooks and Application Forms are sent to your school. Find out from your principal and LO teacher. This application material should have reached your school by the end of April.
  • They are also available from the four universities in KZN and from the DBE District Offices.
  • You can also find them in some Libraries that also have the Handbooks and Application Forms.

Send completed hard-copy Application Forms to CAO by :

  • Emailing it to formsreceivedcao@cao.ac.za
  • Posting it to Private Bag X06, Dalbridge, 4014
  • Hand delivering it to CAO, Gate 11, Mary Thiphe Street (previously Cato Manor Road), Durban. (Office Hours: 08:00-16:30 Monday to Friday).

Application for international applicants

A refugee or asylum seeker with a permit to study is considered an international applicant if they are neither a citizen or a permanent resident of South Africa. International applicants are welcome to apply to KwaZulu-higher Natal’s education institutions for their official degree, diploma, and certificate programs. A few colleges also provide the chance to spend a semester or a whole year studying in South Africa. International applicants are not accepted into the access programs at DUT or UKZN. Only citizens of Lesotho and Mauritius may apply to study medicine at UKZN, and applicants must do so through their respective governments. If you want to come to South Africa to study, you must have a study permit. Students enrolled in distance learning programs who study at home are exempt from this.

How to submit international applications

  • If you are applying for short-term study, apply directly to the institution.
  • If you are applying to UKZN only, apply directly to the institution.

For other institutions and choices at more than one institution, apply through the CAO. Email to formsreceivedcao@cao.ac.za or fax to +27 31 268 4422.

Supporting documents

  • Certified Copy of ID and Birth certificate
  •  Final Grade 11 Report (if you are in Grade 12) OR
  • Highest qualification achieved
  •  Copy of study/residence permit (if you are a non-South-African applicant)
  • June Grade 12 Report (as soon as you receive it if you are currently in Grade 12)
    September/Trials Grade 12 Report (as soon as you receive it if you are currently in Grade 12)
  • Any other document requested by the institution, eg. Academic Record, etc.

Foreign qualifications

The following are considered to be equivalent to the South African degree entry requirements:

GCE: Five passes in GCE including two at `A` level:

  • “A” level passes must be A, B, C, D or E
  • “O” level passes must be A, B or C

Five passes in GCE as well as four at AS level:

  • “A” level passes must be A, B, C, D or E;
  • “O” level passes must be A, B or C; and
  • “AS” level passes must be A, B, C or D.

Applicants from SADC countries who have five passes at the ‘O’ level, including the English language, may be considered for diploma study.

HIGCSE/IGCSE: Passes in five subjects, four of which must be at HIGCSE level:

  • HIGCSE passes must be 1, 2 or 3
  • IGCSE passes must be A, B, or C

Applicants who wish to enter degree programmes are required to have passes in English language and one other language, and must usually have also passed Maths.

How to reach Central Applications Office

  • Physical Address
  • Gate 11, Mary Thiphe Street (previously Cato Manor Road), Durban
  • Postal Address:
  • Private Bag X06,
  • Dalbridge, 4014
  • Email Address:
  • enquiries@cao.ac.za
  • Telephone Number
  • 031 268 4444
  • 0860 860 226

For more information about Central Applications Office, visit the official page