www.sedcol.co.za online application 2025/2026

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www.sedcol.co.za online application 2025/2026

www.sedcol.co.za online application 2025/2026

Admissions applications for Sedibeng Tvet College’s 2025-2026 academic year are now open from September 1 to November 30, 2024. The college’s online application form is available to anyone interested in starting new qualifications during that period. To submit a valid application, please visit the official website to complete the online form and upload all required supporting documents. Applications will not be processed without complete documentation.

Does Sedibeng Tvet College accept Hard Copy applications?

The application process page will guide you. Sedibeng Tvet College encourages prospective students to apply online. Note that late applications are not necessarily accepted. Plan to apply before the closing date each year. They do not accept Manual or walk-in applications.

When Can You Apply to Sedibeng Tvet College?

Applications for admission to Sedibeng Tvet College for the 2025-2026 academic year are accepted between September 1, 2024, and November 30, 2024. All applications and accompanying materials must be received by the institution by the end of November to be considered for admission.

In other words, applications are open from September 1st to November 30th of 2024. Make sure to submit your application and all required documents by November 30th to be considered for the following academic year.

Is the Sedibeng Tvet College Application Form for Sale?

Online applications are the only method accepted for applying to Sedibeng Tvet College in the 2025-2026 academic year. Manual applications are not permitted. There is no fee associated with submitting an online application.

Programmes Offered at Sedibeng Tvet College

Sedibeng Tvet College offers a diverse range of programmes across various fields. However, due to the practical nature of many of them, most programmes require in-person class attendance. The option for online learning will be indicated on the program page if available.

Admission Requirements

NC(V) Prospective Applicants:

  • Applicants are only permitted to study for NC(V) Levels 2, 3, and 4 for a maximum duration of four years, taking into account potential subject failures.
  • The minimum entrance requirement is NQF Level 1, which is equivalent to Grade 9 and AET Level 4.
  • All entry requirements adhere to the NC(V) policy and utilize a point system for qualification entry.

Report 191 Prospective Applicants:

  • The minimum entrance requirements are aligned with the NATED Policy.
  • Applicants who have passed Grade 12/NC(V) Level 4 are eligible for admission to N4.
  • Individuals who have completed Grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 and wish to pursue an artisan career may be admitted to N1 based on a point system.

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Sedibeng Tvet College Application Procedure for 2025-2026 Admissions

This guide outlines the three-stage application process for prospective students seeking admission to Sedibeng Tvet College for the 2025-2026 academic year. Please follow the steps sequentially to ensure your application is complete and considered.

Stage 1: Career Interest Questionnaire

  • Visit the College Website: Begin by visiting the Sedibeng Tvet College website at http://www.sedcol.co.za/.
  • Navigate to Registration: Click on the “Registration” tab on the homepage.
  • Select “New Student Application”: From the pop-up menu, choose “New Student Application.”
  • Complete the Questionnaire: Scroll down and commence the application process under “Stage One: Career Interest Questionnaire.”

Login Credentials:

  • South Africans: Use your valid South African ID number to log in.
  • International Students: Use your official ID number from your home country (not your passport number).
  • Answer the Questions: Diligently answer all 190 questions within the allotted 15-minute timeframe. Please note that skipping questions will prevent you from proceeding.
  • Career Insights Report: Upon completion, you will receive a personalized report to aid in making informed career decisions.

Stage 2: Select Course and Qualification

  • Provide Highest Qualification: Enter your highest academic qualification. This information will determine the courses you are eligible for.
  • Choose Your Course: Select the specific program you wish to pursue at Sedibeng Tvet College.
  • Upload Required Documents: Ensure all necessary documents are certified, clear, and readable. Applications with unverified documents will be rejected.
  • Complete Bio-data Section: Fill out the personal information section of the application form accurately.
  • Application Confirmation: Once you have completed Stage 2, you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your application.

Stage 3: Re-upload Required Documents (if applicable)

  • This stage is only applicable if your application was previously rejected due to improperly uploaded documents. You will be required to resubmit the complete set of documents for re-evaluation.

Important Notes:

  • Follow the application stages sequentially to avoid delays or errors.
  • Pay close attention to document requirements and ensure they are submitted correctly.
  • Meet the deadline for applications to be considered.

Contact Details Of Sedibeng TVET College for all enquiries

Central Office

Postal Address: 37 Voortrekker Street Vereeniging 1930

  • Telephone Number: (016) 420 2520

For more information, visit the Official  Website Of Sedibeng TVET College

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