Buffalo City Tvet College Online Application 2024 Opening Date

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Buffalo City Tvet College Online Application 2024 Opening Date

Buffalo City Tvet College Online Application 2024 Opening Date

There is excellent news if you were waiting for the Buffalo City Tvet College online application portal to open so you could submit an application for admission in 2024. Be glad that Buffalo City Tvet College has officially opened its online application form to all potential students and learners for the academic year 2024. Applications are now being accepted at https://bccollege.co.za/study/apply, and they will be accepted until 30 September 2024.

Is Buffalo City College open for applications?

One may ask if indeed Buffalo City College is open for 2024 applications. Buffalo City Tvet College is indeed accepting new applicants and enrollees interested in studying at the college for the academic year 2024. This is a great opportunity to fully complete the online application form for submission as soon as possible. Never doubt again because Buffalo City College’s online application will be closed by 30 September 2024. You have ample time to appropriately fill out the online form and attach all supporting documents before the stipulated closing date.

Buffalo City College Online Application For 2024 Closing Date

Buffalo City College will stop receiving new application forms for the academic year 2024 from the 30th of September. If you are yet to complete your applications for submission, then take up this opportunity to complete all the required fields and submit them together with all the BCC application required documents. Buffalo City Tvet College online applications open on 01 September and close on 30 September every year for the first semester of the academic calendar.

Buffalo City TVET College Late Application 2024

Regarding the courses that are still open when late applications are received, Buffalo City College is quite unsure. While there are still courses available, Buffalo City College will take into account late applications and admission after September 30. Buffalo City will reopen its online application portal to accept late applications if there are still spots available in the classes. You should apply as soon as you can to guarantee that you get into the course you desire for the 2024–2025 academic year. The courses Buffalo City offers for late applicants may not be to your taste. We will inform our readers and any potential applicants as soon as BCC opens a second application window or accepts late applications for 2024.


Buffalo City Tvet College Application Documents Required

The following documents must be certified and included in your Buffalo City Tvet College application for admission in 2024.

  • Email Address
  • Next-of-Kin ID
  • Applicant’s ID/Birth certificate
  • Academic transcript
  • Highest Qualifications
  • Passport (International Applicant)
  • Study Permit and English proficiency certificate
  • Any other supplementary materials specific to your chosen program


Does Buffalo City Charges Application Fee

Buffalo City Tvet College does not charge any application fees or processing fees to applicants, and it accepts free applications from them. There is no fee to apply to study at Buffalo City College; it is free.


Who Can Apply For Buffalo City College

Buffalo City receives applications from both domestic and international applicants who meet the following eligibility criteria

  • Applicant seeking undergraduate qualifications
  • Applicants seeking transfer from another tertiary institution
  • Applicants changing to new qualifications
  • Fresh/first-time applicants
  • Buffalo City returning students
  • Applicants whose previous applications were declined or rejected
  • An applicant with an email address and a phone number


How to Submit a New Buffalo City Application Form

Using your PIN and student number to log in, you can apply online through the student i-Enabler on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. In order to advance to the next phase of their application, applicants should apply. As long as it is done throughout the application period, applicants can modify and change their application information at any time.

On a single application form, you have the option of applying for at least two study courses. The Buffalo City Application’s guiding principle is “one applicant, one application with two study courses.”


How to Apply For Buffalo City College 2024 Admissions

To apply for admission at Buffalo City,

  • Go to the application portal at https://bccollege.co.za/study/apply
  • Select and Click on the APPLY NOW tab
  • Accept and thick the POPI ACT box
  • Enter your ID/passport Number
  • Complete the application pages
  • Give detailed contact of your NEXT-OF-KIN
  • Provide your educational background
  • Click Next on each stage
  • Choose at least 2 study courses
  • Submit your applications
  • Upload all the required documents
  • Wait for Feedback


For any delay in your application contact Buffalo City

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