NSFAS 2024 Applications Are Now Open At DUT

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NSFAS 2024 Applications Are Now Open At DUT

NSFAS 2024 Applications Are Now Open At DUT

For DUT students, the 2024 NSFAS application period is already open and accepting applications from 28 September to 31 January 2024. Visit www.nsfas.org.za or DUT to access the NSFAS application link and submit your application straight away.

Understanding how NSFAS operates and how to apply for NSFAS financing is of the utmost importance and vital if you are a student at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) and intend to apply in the year 2024 from September 28 to January 31, 2024. You are invited to this website because it will give new and enrolled students at Durban University of Technology in 2024 a detailed explanation of NSFAS. Enjoy this information.

What is the National Student Financial Aid Scheme NSFAS 2024?

NSFAS is a financial aid program that helps qualified South African students pay for their higher education at DURBAN UNIVERSITY and other South African universities. For DUT students, NSFAS offers financial assistance with tuition costs, accommodation costs, textbook costs, and other relevant costs. NSFAS’s mission is to guarantee that students from underprivileged backgrounds can enrol in high-quality higher education.

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Where to Apply For DUT NSFAS 2024

The application process and required documentation are available from nsfas.org.za OR see the process below

NSFAS Application Eligibility Requirements for 2024

You have to meet the following requirements in order to be qualified for NSFAS funding at Durban University of Technology (DUT) for the current academic year:

  • Be a South African citizen.
  • You must come from a household with a combined annual income of R350,000 or less.
  • You must be enrolled or planning to enrol in an accredited undergraduate program at DUT in 2024.
  • Meet the academic requirements set by NSFAS.
  • Have a valid email address and a phone number
  • SASSA recipients
  • A student of DUT who is physically challenged (Disabled student)
  • Durban University Students who have completed a higher certificate and will be starting a degree/diploma qualification in 2024 must re-apply for NSFAS funding if he or she wishes to apply for it to secure funding.


Dates to Remember & Deadlines for 2024 NSFAS Applications for DUT

It’s critical to keep track of key deadlines and dates for NSFAS financing. The application period is anticipated to open on September 28th, 2024, and be closed on January 31st, 2024. Keep an eye out for any adjustments to the application deadlines for the academic year 2024–2025 on the NSFAS website and other official platforms.

NSFAS Closing Date for Applications

NSFAS Applications for 2024 are currently open, apply for the Bursary before 31st January 2024. Students studying at DUT will be judged on their academic performance. Continuing students will have to progress to the next level to qualify for a bursary. New first-year students will be awarded bursaries based on successful registration for a funded qualification

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NSFAS Documents Needed by DUT Students:

The documents that follow must be gathered and authenticated if necessary before you may submit an NSFAS application to the Durban University of Technology, DUT:

  • Your own cellphone number and email address
  • Copy of your ID or birth certificate
  • ID copies of parents, guardians, or spouse
  • Your proof of income or 1 year’s IRP5 (if applicable)
  • Your parents, guardian, or spouse’s proof of income
  • If you are a SASSA grant recipient, no proof of income will be required
  • Applicants with a disability must submit a completed and signed Disability Annexure A Form, click here to download
  • An applicant who is recognized as a Vulnerable Child by the Department of Social Development must provide a completed and signed Vulnerable Child Declaration and Consent Form, click here to download.


How to Apply for the NSFAS 2024 Bursary?

To apply for NSFAS in 2024, DUT students should follow these steps

  • Go to the official NSFAS website at www.nsfas.org.za online application portal 2024.
  • Click on the “Apply” button.
  • Register an account with your personal details.
  • Fill out the required application form.
  • Upload all necessary supporting documents.
  • Submit your completed application.
  • Wait for the application to be processed.
  • Check your application status regularly on the NSFAS portal.
  • If approved, sign the NSFAS agreement form.
  • Receive funding as per the agreed terms and conditions.


NSFAS Allowances For DUT Students For the Academic year 2024-2025:

NSFAS provides students at Durban University of Technology with a variety of financing choices and allowances, including:

  • Full tuition and registration fee coverage
  • Accommodation allowance (for students living in university-approved residences)
  • A living allowance of R15,000 per year (for students living in self-catering residences)
  • Book allowances of  R5200 (for prescribed textbooks and study materials)
  • Travel allowances of R7 500 (for students who reside far from their campus)
  • Personal care allowance of R2900 per year


Should you require further information, kindly contact Financial Aid Unit

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