Rhodes University Online Application 2024/2025 Opening Date

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Rhodes University Online Application 2024/2025 Opening Date

Rhodes University Online Application 2024/2025 Opening Date

Universities and colleges in South Africa open their admissions portals between April and August to welcome new applications and students. This date is typically made known to applicants on their potential websites. Our article today is focused on Rhodes University’s opening day, one of South Africa’s universities.

What you must have before the application date

Applicants must be ready with all the supporting documents such as results, certificates, ID, and others. A working email address is also required from the applicants. Applicants whose documents are not certified and scanned must do so before commencing the online application. This facilitates the online application process. Applicants must also download the prospectus of RU to check all the requirements of their desired courses.

When is the Application date for the 2024/2025 admissions at Rhodes University (RU)

Rhodes University (RU) will be taking applications from prospective applicants from April 01, 2023. This application window is applicable to South African, non-south African, undergraduate, and postgraduate applicants. Applicants are advised to begin their application as soon as possible because of the limited space.

Application Fee at Rhodes University for 2024/2025 admissions.

Application fee for late Applicants: Initial applications for admission must be accompanied by a non refund┬Čable application fee of R100 for all applicants. Late applications do not require an extra cost.. Details of how to pay will be discussed in our subsequent articles here.

Rhodes admission requirements

Your application will only be considered for admission to the University if you qualify for Bachelor’s degree study AND you satisfy the faculty requirements. To qualify for a Bachelor’s pass status, learners are required to take seven subjects, four of which are compulsory (two languages, Life Orientation and either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy) and three of the learner’s own choice from the subjects on offer at the school.


Rhodes Contact Details

  • Email Address: registrar@ru.ac.za
  • Telephone Number: +27 46 603 8111