UJ Application Dates | Apply online at UJ 2024-2025

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UJ Application Dates | Apply online at UJ 2024-2025

UJ Application Dates | Apply online at UJ 2024-2025, uj online application 2024 closing date

We are pleased to announce the application deadlines for the University of Johannesburg’s 2024 intake. The University of Johannesburg’s online application portal and forms for the academic year 2024-2025 are now open and will be available beginning on April 1, 2023. Do not wait until the last minute to apply because late applications will not be accepted. All application deadlines for the University of Johannesburg are posted on this blog.

Prospective applicants should know that the University of Johannesburg’s online application will be available beginning April 1, 2023. All local, international, undergraduate, and postgraduate applicants are eligible for this opening date. To apply to the University of Johannesburg, go to www.uj.ac.za and fill out the online application form for the 2024 intake.

www.uj.ac.za online application 2024 undergraduate courses will be open from April 01 2023 whereas uj online application 2024 postgraduate will be open on April 2023. Download the online application form at www.uj.ac.za login for all new and returning applicants.

The University of Johannesburg Courses and their Closing Dates for 2024-2025

Below are the university of Johannesburg courses and their application deadlines for 2024-2025>>>>uj online application 2024 closing date

ALL Undergraduate Programme will close on 30 September 2023

Postgraduate Programmes: Except for the programs listed below, all postgraduate programs will close on October 31, 2023, at 12:00.

Faculty of Engineering

MEng/MPhil in Engineering Management (Coursework)

  • Close: 30 September 2023 @ 12:00

Faculty of Education

BEd Hons Educational Psychology

  • Close: 31 October 2023

MEd Educational Psychology

  • Close: 24 June 2023

Postgraduate Certificate In Education (PGCE)

  • Close: 31 August 2023

Faculty of Humanities

MA Clinical Psychology & MA Counselling Psychology

  • Close: 8 July 2023

BA Hons in Psychology & BSc Hons in Psychology

  • Open: 1 July 2023
  • Close: 30 September 2023

College of Business And Economics

Close: 30 September 2023

  • AdvDip in Business Information Technology
  • AdvDip in Financial Markets
  • AdvDip in Business Management
  • BA Hons in Human Resource Management
  • BA Hons in Industrial Psychology
  • BCom Hons in Financial Planning
  • BCom Hons in Human Resource Management
  • BCom Hons in Industrial Psychology
  • BComHons in Information Systems
  • BCom Hons in Investment Management
  • BCom Hons in Marketing Management
  • BCom Hons in Strategic Management
  • BCom Hons in Property Valuation and Management
  • BCom Hons in Quantitative Finance
  • MCom in Accounting (RD)
  • MCom in Auditing (RD)
  • MCom in Computer Auditing (CW) – (if offered)
  • MCom in Finance (CW)
  • MCom in Financial Management (RD)
  • MCom in International Accounting (CW) – (if offered)
  • MCom in Investment Management (RD)
  • MCom/MPhil in Industrial Psychology
  • MCom in SA & International Taxation (CW) – (if offered)
  • MCom in SA & International Taxation (RD)
  • MCom in Quantitative Finance (RD)
  • PhD in Accounting
  • PhD Accounting with a specialisation in Accounting and Finance
  • PhD in Auditing
  • PhD in Finance
  • PhD in Industrial Psychology
  • PhD in Taxation

APPLY NOW TO UJ by following the steps below

  • Get access to the internet with a smart device (Laptop, Computer, Mobile phone, Tablet…)
  • Enter “www.uj.ac.za/Apply
  • Click on the ‘New Applicant” option if you are new
  • Select Yes/No from the drop box to indicate your Student Number
  • Select Yes/No from the drop box to indicate whether you are returning to complete an uncompleted application
  • Enter the Qualification token if applicable
  • Read the clause that pops up after the step above
  • Check the box ” I Accept
  • Click on the “Next” Option to proceed
  • Enter your passport/ID number
  • fill in the blank spaces
  • Click on the “save and continue” to proceed to the next page
  • choose your Qualification
  •  Upload your Documents (Ensure they are in prescribed formats.)
  • Submit your Application and monitor your status by visiting the official website
  • Valid email address (Gmail or Yahoo mail account).
  • Document upload requirements when applying online (not applicable to applicants currently in grade 12 or internal transfer/Senior applicants):
    • All documents must be certified
    • Ensure that the scanned file is a maximum of 512KB
    • Documents are scanned in any of the following types – tiff, pdf, jpg or gif
    • Each document must be scanned and uploaded as separate attachments
  • Alternatively, documents can be emailed to ujappdocs@listsrv.uj.ac.za with the provisional reference/student number noted in the subject line of the email.

Contact UJ

  • Tel: +27 11 559 4555
  • e-mail: mylife@uj.ac.za
  • OFFICIAL WEBSITE @ www.uj.ac.za

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