UJ Part Time Courses 2023/2024

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UJ Part Time Courses 2023/2024

UJ Part-Time Courses 2023/2024

The University of Johannesburg’s department of distance education has created courses for students who want to continue their education despite their busy schedules. These courses have been created in a way that will benefit any applicant to the department.

One of the best universities in the world, the University of Johannesburg has four campuses spread across South Africa and more than seven faculties. They are renowned for using cutting-edge technology in the academic setting, thus it was necessary to implement these programs that are time-constrained. Each year, they deliver tuition to their students through a variety of venues including online.

Mode of Delivery: The department delivers its tuition online, on weekends, and on special days set by the students. The materials are delivered to students once they are accepted into the university including their timetable for the academic year.

When they accept Applications for studies: The university accepts applications throughout the year. The application forms are on the four campuses of the university and its accessible 24/7.

Languages of instruction: The University of Johannesburg is a multilingual institution and promotes the preferred languages of the province of Gauteng, namely English, Sesotho sa Leboa, Afrikaans, and isiZulu. The language of instruction in all programmes is English.

Newly Introduced Short Programmes

  • Short learning programme in animal law
  • Short learning programme in business rescue
  • Short learning programme in law and 4ir

Contact details by Faculties

Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture

  • Telephone: 011 559 1098
  • Email: web-fada@uj.ac.za

College of Business and EconomicsĀ 

  • Telephone: 011 559 2475 or 011 559 2492
  • Email: jsimelane@uj.ac.za

Faculty of Education

  • Telephone: 011 559 3251 (APK) and 011 559 5562 (SWC)
  • Email: eduqueries@uj.ac.za

Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

  • Telephone: 011 559 3565
  • Email: web-engineering@uj.ac.za

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Telephone: 011 559 6925
  • Email: web-healthscience@uj.ac.za

Faculty of Humanities

  • Telephone: 011 559 3796
  • Email: rmosia@uj.ac.za

Faculty of Law

  • Telephone: 011 559 2141 or 011 559 2775
  • Email: thokozilem@uj.ac.z

Faculty of Science

  • Telephone: 011 559 4562 or 011 559 6349
  • Email: web-science@uj.ac.za

For more information, visit the official website by clicking on this link: UJ OFFICIAL WEBPAGE