WSU Law Requirements 2023/2024

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WSU Law Requirements 2023/2024

WSU Law Requirements 2023/2024

The Management of Walter Sisulu University has published the admission requirement for all prospective applicants who wish to study law at Walter Sisulu University for the 2023 academic year.

The list of courses offered at Walter Sisulu University, WSU, as well as their prerequisites, can now be found below for all interested aspirants or applicants who intend to apply for admission to the school. The general public, as well as anyone interested in studying at Walter Sisulu University, WSU, are hereby alerted that the university’s course offerings have been incorporated in the article and are available below.

If you’ve been hunting for Walter Sisulu University, or WSU, for a long time, you’ve finally discovered it. Today, one of our articles, which you are currently reading, has an official list of all the law courses offered by Walter Sisulu University, as well as information on how to apply for them.

Admission Point System (APS)

The Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Law endeavors to use a point system for admissions. The achievement levels are then translated into points for each NSC subject. Points will be used to calculate the total Admission Point Score (APS).
The minimum APS required for a Bachelor’s degree is 26. For the Bachelor of Laws, the APS is 34.
The Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Law Admissions Committee considered the administration of admission point scores as proposed by Usaf. The Committee appreciates the breakdown made in the achievement levels as this advantages a student whose performance is better than others.
On the basis of the Usaf proposal, the points are awarded as in the following example:

NSC Percentage per Subject Points
91% 9.1
86% 8.6
82% 8.2
79% 7.9
64% 6.4
55% 5.5
43% 4.3
39% 3.9
31% 3.1
30% 3.0
29% 2.9
28% 2.8
27% 2.7
26% 2.6
25% 2.5
WSU Law Requirements 2023/2024-WSU Admission Requirements

The purpose of the above split will assist departments in admitting students according to their performance as opposed to the previous point system where a learner who scores 70% and the one who scores 79% would both attain7 points.
It should be noted that this scoring system excludes Life Orientation and Mathematical Literacy.  Points for these two are allocated as follows:

NSC % per Subject   Points
90 – 100%   5
80 – 89%   4
70 – 79%   3
60 – 69%   2
50 – 59%   1
40 – 49%   0
30 – 39%   0
0 – 29%   0