www.dut.ac.za online application 2025/2026

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www.dut.ac.za online application 2025/2026

www.dut.ac.za online application 2025/2026

Durban University of Technology’s 2025 application period is currently officially open. To be considered for admission to Durban University of Technology for the forthcoming academic year (2025), complete the online application form. Applications for graduate and undergraduate programs at Durban University of Technology will be accepted from April 1 through November 30, 2024. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to ensure a position in the program; late applications will not be taken into consideration. For the 2024–2025 academic year, you can submit an application to Durban University of Technology using the official CAO website. There is still time to enrol. Register and apply now for your future career.

DUT Admission Requirements and Registration for the 2025/2026 Academic Year

This webpage outlines the admission process and registration details for the Durban University of Technology (DUT) for the upcoming academic year. Prospective students are highly encouraged to review the admission requirements for their chosen programs to ensure they meet the qualifications. Both general university requirements and specific faculty-based criteria must be fulfilled for admission.

In essence:

  • Review admission requirements carefully: Make sure you qualify for your desired program.
  • Meet both general and specific criteria: University-wide and faculty-specific requirements apply.
  • This page offers helpful resources: Get details on DUT applications and registration for 2025/2026.

Apply to Durban University of Technology for 2025!

The application window for Durban University of Technology’s 2025 academic year is officially open! Pursue your undergraduate or graduate studies from April 1st, 2024 to November 30th, 2024. Don’t wait – early submissions are encouraged, as late applications will not be considered.

Secure your spot and start shaping your future:

  • Apply online through the Central Applications Office (CAO) website.
  • Enrollment is still open for the current academic year (2025).
  • Explore undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines.

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Durban University of Technology Application Deadlines for 2025/2026 Academic Year

The Durban University of Technology (DUT) is now accepting applications for the 2025/2026 academic year. The application deadline for most programs is September 30, 2024, but some programs have earlier deadlines.

Here is a table of the application deadlines for some of the most popular programs:

Program Deadline
Chiropractic August 15, 2024
Drama September 30, 2024
Language Practice September 30, 2024
Child and Youth Care September 30, 2024
Clinical Technology September 30, 2024
Dental Assisting September 30, 2024
Dental Technology September 30, 2024
Medical Laboratory Science September 30, 2024
Radiography September 30, 2024
Somatology September 30, 2024
Accounting October 31, 2024
Business and Information Management October 31, 2024
Management Accounting October 31, 2024
Information and Communications Technology October 31, 2024
Internal Auditing October 31, 2024
Library and Information Studies October 31, 2024
Taxation October 31, 2024
Analytical Chemistry October 31, 2024
Biotechnology October 31, 2024
Food Science and Technology October 31, 2024
Applied Sciences October 31, 2024
Nautical Studies (Sea-going) October 31, 2024
Shipping Logistics (Shore-based) October 31, 2024
Education October 31, 2024
Fashion Design October 31, 2024
Fine Art October 31, 2024
Visual Communication Design October 31, 2024
Interior Design October 31, 2024
Jewelry Design and Manufacture October 31, 2024
Commercial Photography October 31, 2024
Screen Arts and Technology October 31, 2024
Built Environment in Architecture October 31, 2024
Built Environment and Construction Studies October 31, 2024
Built Environment in Geomatics October 31, 2024
Built Environment in Urban and Regional Planning October 31, 2024
Chemical Engineering October 31, 2024
Civil Engineering October 31, 2024
Electronic Engineering October 31, 2024
Power Engineering October 31, 2024
Industrial Engineering October 31, 2024
Mechanical Engineering October 31, 2024
Pulp and Paper October 31, 2024
Environmental Health October 31, 2024
Homeopathy October 31, 2024
Medical Orthotics and Prosthetic October 31, 2024
Business Administration October 31, 2024
Business Law October 31, 2024
Legal Aspect of Business October 31, 2024
Catering Management October 31, 2024
Culinary Skills October 31, 2024
Ecotourism Management October 31, 2024
Hospitality Management October 31, 2024
Human Resources October 31, 2024
Marketing October 31, 2024
Operations Management October 31, 2024
Public Administration October 31, 2024
Public Relations and Communication October 31, 2024
Retail Management October 31, 2024
Tourism October 31, 2024
Clothing Management November 30, 2024
Consumer Sciences in Food and Nutrition November 30, 2024
Sports Science and Management November 30, 2024

How to Apply Online at DUT 2025-2026___www.dut.ac.za online application 2025/2026

For an applicant to have a successful online application, the following steps cannot be ignored:

  1. Visit the Central Applications Office (CAO) website: www.cao.ac.za
  2. Complete the CAO application form online
  3. Upload certified copies of your identity  document and Final Grade 11 & Grade 12 certificate ( June/ Trial report if you have not written your final examination)
  4. The application form must reach the CAO office before the closing date of 30 September 2024. Because some programs end earlier than September 30, 2024, please refer to specific programs for applicable ending dates.
  5. Pay the application fee of R250 (SA citizens) and R300 (International applicants) before submitting your application.

Please Take Note: Make sure that your application AND fee reach the CAO before the closing date. Submission of a completed application form does not mean that you have been granted admission as a student, or that you may register. All applicants will be notified via email/SMS, of the outcome of their application.

The following documents must be submitted with the application form or the application cannot be considered for admission into the University of Durban Technology

  • Indemnity Form
  • Suretyship Form
  • M65 DUT Deposit Slip
  • Bank Details for Electronic Transfer
  • Attach/upload certified copies of your identity document 
  • Final Grade 11 & Grade 12 certificate

Visit the official website by clicking HERE for more information

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