How can I change my course at TUT for 2025/2026

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How can I change my course at TUT for 2025/2026

How can I change my course at TUT for 2025/2026

You eagerly packed your things after accepting your offer from the university to enjoy your newfound independence there. You’ve been studying for a few weeks, but you’ve finally realized—terrifyingly—that you don’t like your course. This happens all the time so students shouldn’t feel awkward when encountering this situation and take the necessary actions.

This could happen for some reasons, and in some cases, there could be things you can do to improve the issue. It can be difficult and a major decision to change your route, therefore you should attempt to avoid doing so if at all possible.

Remember this: Your previous course will be canceled after filling out the form to change course despite being accepted.

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Provide the following documents if you want to change the course

The change of qualification application form must be submitted with the following documents:

  • Your certified copy of an ID or Passport
  • Your certified copy of the statement of symbols or National Senior Certificate.
  • Email address:
  • Take note of this: “You are only going to be considered for your second (2nd) choice if you have not been selected for your first (1st) choice and if the course concerned can still accommodate additional students at that stage.

Switch From your Course to another if not interested in your current course

Click on the links below to download the application form for 2025. This form is for those who want to switch to another course remember.

Please note that if you are not selected for your first option, you will only be considered for your second choice if the course can still handle additional students at that time.

  • Gather required documents: Ensure you have all the necessary documents like transcripts, certificates, and recommendation letters ready well in advance.
  • Meet deadlines: Be mindful of the application deadlines and submit your application complete and on time.