Nsfas Bursary Application Form 2024 PDF

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Nsfas Bursary Application Form 2024 PDF

Nsfas Bursary Application Form 2024 PDF

NSFAS stands for the National Student  Financial Aid Scheme. It is a South African government initiative or program that provides financial assistance to eligible students to help them pay for higher education expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation, and textbooks, NSFAS offers bursaries to students from low-income households to make tertiary education more accessible and affordable.

NSFAS Application Period and Timelines

The Nsfas application window for the academic year 2024-2025 will likely open on Monday, October 2, 2023. All application documents must be received by the scheme’s office by the deadline. We predict that the application window will close on Friday, February 2, 2024. There has never been and will never be a late application window for the 2024 academic year. So, if you are planning to enrol or are already enrolled in a public university or Tvet College, apply for assistance as soon as feasible.

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How Many years does  NSFAS fund a student for?

The maximum number of years NSFAS funds a student is 5 years. A student who exceeds the 5 years is no longer eligible for funding. Where a qualification is 3 years, the university will allow a student to complete it within a 5 year period with the extra two being the N+2

Who Qualifies for the Bursary?

You must be:

  • A South African citizen
  • Planning on studying in 2024 ( Or you are already studying at a public university or Tvet College

You must also:

  • Be a SASSA Grant recipient or
  • Have a combined household income of less than 350,000 per year

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What You Need to Apply?

  • Own Cell phone number and email address
  • Copy of your ID or Birth certificate
  • ID copies of parents, Guardians, or spouse
  • A copy of a SASSA letter if any of your family members are receiving a social grant and are also contributing to your household income
  • NSFAS doesn’t require a matric certificate as long as you will be studying at a public Tvet College or University
  • Don’t Use someone’s contact when creating the NSFAS account
  • If someone will be applying for you make sure you demand your login details after creating the account
  • Application is only valid when you have your reference number
  • NSFAS applications don’t have an application fee

What does the NSFAS Bursary cover?

You will be covered in full for:

  • Tuition
  • Registration

There are also allowances for

  • Food
  • Accommodation or Transport
  • Learning material
  • Personal care

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Who Can Reapply for NSFAS Bursary?

If you applied last year and you were approved but didn’t study, you need to reapply. Returning students don’t need to reapply unless:

  • You are moving from Tvet to a university
  • Took a gap year
  • Moving from higher certificate to undergraduate qualification
  • You were not funded by NSFAS

How and When to Upload Required Documents

Documents may only be submitted once you have received communication to do so, you need to log into your myNSFAS account portal. Please note that, once the portal closes, you can no longer upload any document

Declaration Form For Non-SASSA Applicant

The non-SASSA Declaration document form is a document that enables the applicant to provide some form of assurance from either a social worker or ex-school principal that they were aware that the applicant was indeed an orphan. Forms are attached to the message sent to the applicant. The student would then need to complete this form and submit it to NSFAS to move on to the next step of their NSFAS funding application.

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How to Create Your myNSFAS Account?

Get started by creating a new NSFAS account before you apply

  • Type in first names (as per ID number)
  • Type in surname (as per ID number)
  • Type in your ID number (Username)
  • Type in your own email address
  • Type in your own cellphone number
  • Accept terms and conditions by ticking the box
  • Create a password
  • An OTP will be sent to your email
  • Type in the OTP password to validate your account

How to Apply For NSFAS Bursary

To apply for Nsfas,

  • Go to the “Apply” tab after you’ve created your myNSFAS account.
  • Complete the required field.
  • Your personal information should be kept up to date.
  • Please upload all required supporting documentation.
  • Finally, click the “Submit” button to submit your application for consideration.


  • Email: info@nsfas.org.za
  • Facebook:National Student Financial Aid Scheme
  • Twitter: @myNSFAS
  • Instagram: @myNSFAS

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