UCT 2023 Online Registration Dates

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UCT 2023 Online Registration Dates

UCT 2023 Online Registration Dates

A positive student experience is built on efficient registration and application processes. Your first point of contact as a prospective student with the University, your academic department, your professors, and the general administrative support offices is vital. This means that making sure your registration is complete in every way will guarantee that you arrive on time for your first day of classes at the institution. The University of Cape Town will accompany you on this revolutionary academic journey.

If your application is accepted, you can complete the whole registration process online and won’t need to come to campus to register or ask any questions. For further information on the registration process, deadlines, and allowed payment methods, read this page.

University of Cape Town Online Registration  dates

The deadlines for the online registration are listed below for your consideration. Each Faculty has specific closing dates for the online registration. Late registration is not permitted in any of the Faculties.

Faculty of Commerce


  • 07 – 09 February Registration First-year students (Mainstream progs)
    7-11 February Registration EDU
    11 February Registration Ends


  • 1-3 February Students coded FECC, SUPP/DE
    7-11 February Students coded FECR, RACC
    11 February Registration Ends


  • 5 January Returning students (M+PhD+Structured)
    17 January Returning Students (unstructured)
    24 January New students (all progs except ECO)
    7-11 February ECO New + Returning

Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

Programme                                                                                     Start                                          End

  • UG                                                                                     1 February 2023                           11 February 2023
  • PG Honours                                                                        3 January 2023                       11 February 2023
  • PG Taught Programmes (Fresh students)                           3 January 2023                   To the end of the year
  • PG Taught Programmes (Returning Students)                     3 January 2023                      25 February 2023
  • PG Research Student (New students)                                  3 January 2023                   Throughout the year
  • PG Research Students (Returning Students)                        3 January 2023                         25 February 2023

Faculty of Health Sciences

Begins                                                                                                                 End

  • UG returners 03 January                                                                                   11 February 2023
    UG 1st years 26 January 2023                                                                         11 February 2023

Faculty of Law

  • Prelim A – First year of the 4-year LLB                                                                           7 February
    Graduate Prelim – First year of the 3 year LLB                                                                8 February
    Graduate Intermediate –
    UCT students who graduated with a law major in 2021                                                  4 February
    Law for non-lawyers course                                                                                       9 – 11 February

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