University of Johannesburg 2025-2026 Courses Offered

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University of Johannesburg 2025-2026 Courses Offered

University of Johannesburg 2025-2026 Courses Offered

Due to capacity restrictions, applicants for admission to specific disciplines of study are chosen by the University of Johannesburg. This means that even if potential students meet the prerequisites, they might not be admitted to the relevant courses without further evaluation. The high demand from students for admission to certain fields of study, coupled with capacity limitations, necessitates that the University of Johannesburg institutions admit students based on who has achieved the best results.

It is recommended that the faculty-specific requirements and/or the University of Johannesburg prospectus be read by applicants to ensure they meet the admission criteria. Additionally, to increase the likelihood of gaining admission to their preferred university, applicants are encouraged to prioritize fields with less stringent selection criteria, if possible.

Undergraduate Courses Available at the University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) brochure, which contains all of the undergraduate courses offered at UJ, is available below.

 Faculty of Engineering

  1. Department of Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering
  2. Department of Chemical Engineering,
  3. Department of Civil Engineering Science,
  4. Department of Civil Engineering Technology,
  5. Department of Construction Management and Quantity Surveying,
  6. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Science,
  7. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology,
  8. Department of Metallurgy,
  9. Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Technology,
  10. Department of Mechanical Engineering Science,
  11. Department of Mine Surveying,
  12. Department of Mining Engineering,
  13. Department of Quality and Operations Management
  14. Department of Town and Regional Planning.

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The faculty of sciences also offers programmes in the following departments:

  1. Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering,
  2. Applied Chemistry,
  3. Applied Physics and Engineering Mathematics,
  4. Biochemistry,
  5. Biotechnology and Food Technology,
  6. Botany and Plant Biotechnology,
  7. Chemistry,
  8. Geography,
  9. Environmental Management & Energy Studies,
  10. Geology,
  11. Physics,
  12. Pure and Applied Mathematics,
  13. Statistics and Zoology

The Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture (FADA)

  1. Department of Industrial Design
  2. Department of Architecture,
  3. Department of Fashion Design,
  4. Department of Graphic Design,
  5. Department of Interior Design,
  6. Department of Jewelry Design and Manufacture,
  7. Department of Multimedia
  8. Department of Visual Art.

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Faculty of Health Sciences 

The courses are offered on the various campuses of the university

  1. The Department of Biomedical Technology
  2. Department of Chiropractic,
  3. Department of Emergency Medical Care,
  4. Department of Environmental Health,
  5. Department of Homeopaths,
  6. Department of Human Anatomy and Physiology,
  7. Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation (Radiography),
  8. Department of Nursing,
  9. Department of Optometry,
  10. Department of Podiatry,
  11. Department of Somatology,
  12. Department of Sport and Movement Studies.

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