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https // new application 2024/2025

https // new application 2024/2025 has provided the guidelines for the online application to the Central University of Technology (CUT). Most applicants having the first time interacting with the application portal becomes confused and do not know what to do. Some people have only recently enjoyed having access to a smart gadget. hence, it is not their fault.

This article contains information such as the required documents, the application process, the instructions for applicants, and the admission requirements. This portal will keep you updated with any development regarding admissions. The application is ONLINE only.

Does the Central University of Technology accept Hard Copy applications?

The application process page will guide you. CUT encourages prospective students to apply online.
Note that late applications are not necessarily accepted. Plan to apply before the closing date each year. They do not accept Manual or walk-in applications.

When can I Apply then:

The admission portal is only enabled after 08 May 2023 and close on 30 September 2023. Applicants after this date cannot access the portal again.

Is the Application form For Sale:

As already discussed, the university only accepts online applications or electronic applications. Manual applications are not allowed in 2024. There is no charge for the online application.

What Programmes are available at the Central University of Technology:

CUT offers programmes in many fields. Most of the programmes require class attendance as our programmes have a practical component. Should it be offered online, the programme page will indicate the option.

International applicants:

International students should solicit support from the Center for Global Engagement (CGE) in all matters.

What are the minimum requirements for a Degree, Diploma, and certificate?

Bachelor’s Degree: A NSC with a minimum of 30% in the language of learning and teaching of the Higher Education Institution (HEI), coupled with an achievements rating of 4 (50-59%) or better in any four (4) NSC subject except Life Orientation.

Diploma: A diploma pass requires 40% in four higher credit subjects, 30% in three lower credit subjects, and you may fail one subject.

Certificate: A certificate pass requires a 40% pass in your home language, 2 subjects above 40%, 4 subjects above 30% and you may fail 1 subject. This pass allows you to study for a higher certificate.

Central University of Technology Contact details

Please address all correspondence to:

Telephone Number Campus
+27 (0)51 507 3911 Bloemfontein Campus
+27 (0)57 910 3500 Welkom Campus

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