CAO Handbook Download PDF 2025 Download

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CAO Handbook Download PDF 2025 Download

CAO Handbook Download PDF 2025 Download

The Central Applications Office (CAO) is an NGO that processes applications on behalf of some selected universities and Tvet Colleges in South Africa. CAO manages undergraduate applications for various universities and Tvet Colleges, ensuring a fair and efficient process for all every year.

While universities make final admissions decisions, they rely on the CAO to handle the application process. This means you only need to submit one application through the CAO to apply to multiple universities, saving you time and effort.

Below are but some selected universities in South Africa that receive their respective applications for undergraduate studies through the Central Application Office (CAO)

Apply to a university through CAO

The CAO is where you can apply to multiple undergraduate programs at South African universities and institutions with just a single application fee. They handle applications centrally, ensuring a fair and efficient process for everyone involved.

How does it work?

  • Universities and Tvet Colleges have the final say. However, they entrust the CAO with managing the application process, saving you time and effort.
  • Apply to multiple institutions at once. Simply fill out one application through the CAO system and choose your desired programs at different universities.
  • Enjoy a transparent process. Track your application status and receive updates through the CAO portal.

In the handbook

  • The programmes choice is listed according to career directions
  • The Blue heading talks about the programmes offered at the university whereas the orange headings enlist all the courses in the private colleges.
  • Go straight to the field of study and select your topic to read on.

The Central Applications Office (CAO) Handbook 2025 serves as a guide/manual to everything in the college institution. The list of courses, admission requirements, and all admission application information is included in the prospectus. This is usually called the map of the institution. Every bit of information about the Central Applications Office (CAO) is captured in the handbook/prospectus.

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Content of Central Applications Office (CAO) Prospectus for 2025/2026

Central Applications Office (CAO) Prospectus contains all information about the Central Applications Office (CAO), including a list of courses, course duration, application methods, campus facilities, admission requirements, fees, and other details that will help you navigate your way through their application portal.

Download Central Applications Office (CAO) Prospectus 2025 In PDF Format:

CAO’s prospectus for 2025 is now available online in PDF format, which can be downloaded or printed. You may accomplish so easily with the help of the internet and a smart device.

Using the links provided below, an applicant can get access to the prospectus of the Central Applications Office (CAO) for the 2025/2026 academic year.

  • • Click here to view Ebook online


To serve as a guide in their application process, candidates are urged to download the prospectus above and understand the various admission conditions, the closing dates, and the required documentation of the Central Applications Office (CAO). The prospectus examining the application procedure for 2025 is available to local and foreign applicants who are interested and want to apply to the listed universities and colleges.

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